Features of MyteamFinance

Myteamfinance have an unique engine to receive fees on each buy and sell transaction and distirubutes these fees according to shema on the right section within transparency to create powerfull system

Passive Income

All [MYF] holders will be rewarded as [MYC] in each transaction

Auto Liquidity

In each transaction of [MYF], %4 tax will be added to liquidity automatically to make our token stronger

Marketing Generator

%2 tax will be used for marketing and promotion process


%2 tax will be used for charity to #SupportSport

Myteam Finance


The popularity of sports is not discriminate against social class, race, gender and age.
Sport also provides communication between people and societies by crossing the border of tension and conflict.
All kinds of sports activities are social experiences and often involve emotions.
We would like to help and support a lot of schools , colleges , small cities and small sport clubs who can not reach enough sport goods and infrastructures to run their sport facilities with establishing a digital foundation named


Contract Adress: 0x143f4b20c8d96DA41ae9Bf8f1D7e1d064C35a706

Issued price: 0.00001

Total Supply:

Locked Liquidity for Burn

Distributed Tokens

Future Risk

Myteamcoin Foundation


We Create a Union to #SupportSport

“Strength comes from unity”
*Join our Union as volunteer to support sport in each section in the Universe .
*Join us as a dot and let the dots create a bigger wave for a better World 

Our Strategy

The Roadmap

2021 Q4

Website launch , Listing on CoinGecko , Coinmarketcap , Voting Platform Push

2022 Q1

Influencer marketing , 5k+ Telegram members 5k+ Twitter Member 5k+ Holders , Contract Audits , Start Cex Listings , Myteam Finance ads on Youtubers and Twitters

2022 Q2

25k+ Telegram members , 25k+ Twitter Member , 25k+ Holders , Listings on more CEX , Establishing Myteamcoin Foundation ,

2022 Q3

Partnerships , Increased Marketing push , Big manual burn

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Frequently Asked

The team had an idea #SportSport and wanted to make it real then Myteam Finance has been launched on 17th December.

Currently we are listed on  PancakeSwap. We have some offers from centralised exchanges which will be disclosed as we are near to listing on these exchanges.

Myteam Finance has been begun with #SupportSport idea. We aim to make school able to reach sport goods which can not reach them in an easily way. We believe fairity in the universe and work for that.

Myteamfinance plans to create awareness and ensure mainstream adoption by leveraging the power of memes and aggressive marketing. Thanks to Myteamfinance’s brilliant tokenomics, the Myteamfinance treasury is healthily funded and allows us to develop strong utility projects. More importantly, Myteamfinance is able to market its brand aggressively — creating mainstream awareness about Myteamfinance, our goals, and the disruptive utility projects we’re building.

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Join Myteamfinance for financial freedom with decentralization with blockchain in sport area and healthier generations for a better universe